If you need votes for online contest.


If you need votes for online contest.



What are Online Poll?

From the name, in principle, it is already partially clear what needs to be done in online poll. You register in a special service. That provides an opportunity for various companies to conduct their marketing research in various fields. By conducting online poll on the Internet. Certainly, you don t need to contribute money for participation.

Service online poll

Through this service, you start receiving regular emails with a link to questionnaires (polls) from various companies. As a rule, the email immediately indicates the monetary reward. That you will receive in case of successful completion of the entire questionnaire.

Electoral process

On the stated topic of the speech, we will consider only part of the electoral process. That goes beyond the framework established by law. I.e. violations of the electoral process; even more precisely – falsifications (since violations can be unintentional).

That is required of you

All that is required of you as performers. Go to the poll on the link and carefully answer all the questions, which can be very much. Some questions are similar and often need to be noted at once numerous options, which sometimes terribly tiring! Although the duration of the poll is also usually indicated in the letter, but it is not always true. So be careful when choosing a online poll.


It is important for them to know your opinion on various products and services. So they invite you to register on their sites and participate in online polls.

The campaigns that create online poll. Give you the opportunity to fill out interesting questionnaires, earn money. Also to learn about new trends in the development of various products and services.