If you need votes for online contest.


If you need votes for online contest.


Buy IP votes

IP votes

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Buy IP votes for online contest

Almost all the sites, where there is a function of the vote or poll. There are several ways to check for authenticity of votes, “IP votes”. Some come up with a large number of authorization steps to identify the user and verify his reality.

Authentication is performed

And others offer to fill in additional fields to collect as much information about the person. But most often user authentication is performed by determining his IP-address.

As you know, computers around the world have unique IP addresses, and therefore the people to whom they belong are different. Everything is simple. Almost all sites prohibit voting in an online survey of the same person several times. So there is a possibility of adding votes, which calls into question the integrity of the vote.

Consequence of the use of programs

At the same time, there are programs that can change the IP address. The disadvantage of such programs is that the number of removable IP is limited. And all of them are already known not only to users from around the world, but also to site administrators. So don’t be surprised if you’re accused of rigging votes in an online vote.

This will not only ruin your reputation, but may also deprive you of the chance to participate in surveys on this site next time. Administrators have the right to apply different penalties. From the prohibition of login for a certain time. And ending with the deprivation of the right to enter the site under your login and password forever.

Right way to add votes

It would seem that the situation is hopeless. But do not despair. We know the right way to add votes without software. Our specialists are ready to work on projects of any complexity and volume. Behind our shoulders-not one year of practice and successfully implemented tasks. We know exactly how to add the votes efficiently and quickly.

Our base

Base our service – is only real people from all over the world, ready to vote for you. We care about our customers, so we have created several packages to meet all your needs. Our company are focused on long-term work, so we offer loyal terms of cooperation. Please contact us and we will find a way to solve your problem even if it is non-standard. Unlike voting through the program, we are confident in the results of voting, which we will form for you.