If you need votes for online contest.


If you need votes for online contest.



How to buy votes likes on Facebook?

Buy votes likes, Facebook likes is one of the main tools to promote your content on this social network. This procedure can be performed in several ways.

Exchange of likes on the exchange

Services of exchange services. Today, there are quite a lot of such resources. Their essence lies in the mutual exchange of marks “I like”. The user creates a task for other participants of the exchange and for a certain number of points receives the corresponding volume of likes.

Points or exchange coins are earned in the same way – by completing tasks of other participants. With the help of such services, you can order not only the “like” mark, but also reposts, as well as commenting on certain records. The main disadvantage of this method of content promotion is the spamming component of the whole process. The user’s account may be temporarily blocked.

Get Facebook votes and likes sending messages

Get Facebook votes and likes you can personal messaging-free promotion manually. You will have to ask friends and acquaintances to put “likes” under the record or photo. Using this method will significantly increase user traffic in the group. In order to avoid restrictions on the number of sent messages, you can resort to tricks and carry out such distribution from several accounts.

The main drawback of this method is the significant cost of time. Unfortunately, the result does not always meet the expectations of users. In addition, there is always the possibility of being blocked, as mass mailing of messages of the same content can be regarded as spam.

How to arouse the interest of readers, to get a Facebook likes

Try to promote interesting content on Facebook. In order for your project to be interesting to a large number of people, the content must be unique at least in your segment or region. This is the only way to arouse interest among readers. Try to regularly update the chronicle, complementing it with interesting and unique articles.

Create dummy activity. To do this, you need to create about ten new accounts and make them as similar to the real ones. Fill in your profile information, upload photos to your album, and add friends to your personal contacts. You can use these accounts to mark posts and comment on posts. At first, free promotion of the project will help to create activity on the promoted project.

Our company offers unique methods of promoting projects in the social network Facebook. If you are interested in more detailed advice on how to buy likes on Facebook, please contact our specialists.