If you need votes for online contest.


If you need votes for online contest.



How to Buy Votes for Online Poll?

Polls are used to form a certain public opinion. Or to study the preferences and interests of the audience on the Internet. The poll is represents a multiple choice question. Conduction voting poll can be open and anonymous. Suitable for both owners of large companies and ordinary users, who want to win in various competitions. You can buy votes for online poll in our service.

Buy votes for online poll

Is a deliberate increase in the number of people, who voted for a certain answer. This promotion tool is usually used in various competitions. In which you need to get the maximum number of votes, that would win the competition.

Answers in the poll

Buying vote for answers in the poll – you can do this on our website. You just need to fill out the online order form, to pay for votes and contact us online chat or via the feedback form. It is worth noting, that you will not wait for any delays or difficulties-the answers will be added almost immediately.

Receive votes

Adding on our site will not take much of your time and will be carried out without delay. The first votes you will receive after 10-15 minutes, depending on the load of the site. Poll results you can see on the voting counter in numerical or percentage ratio. In some polls the number of votes is hidden.

Voting location

We create tracking links, where you will see the exact number of votes, that we`re added for you, and you will see people’s voting location!

For all questions, please contact our managers!