If you need votes for online contest.


If you need votes for online contest.



How buy online contest votes?

Many of us participated in online contests and wondered how to buy online contest votes or get absolutely free?

How to get votes in online voting?

All known online voting is quite secure and if you try to vote for one person or even 5, the process takes a long time. However, there are options.

How to get more votes by yourself?

If you want to get more votes, win a prize or just 1 place, then it is important not to “get busted” that was an artificial increase in votes.

Some ways “online votes cheat”:

First advice

First advice – if the vote binding to the IP of the computer, you can help any anonymizer changing IP addresses. Most often these addresses have already been blacklisted. There is a great chance to disgrace and lose even hope of winning. You can also download a program to vote on some sites and pick up a virus that will harm your operating system.

Second advice

Second advice – you need somewhere to get a lot of proxy. You can try to search in Google for requests PROXY LIST, free proxy today, free proxy. It is possible to enter these proxies manually in the browser, that will take a lot of time. And it is possible to use programs like Switcher/FoxyProxy Standard/One Click Proxy IP/Proxy Switchy, etc.

For such IP addresses often jumps out complicated captcha, that will slow down the process. You can buy a paid proxy server for 1 thousand IP addresses be ready to give from 20-100$.

Third advice

Third advice – to vote in contests you need to change not only the IP address and RUB cookies, but also to change the User Agent. To quickly change the type and version of the browser, you can use the browser extensions for User Agent Override or, for example, user-agent switcher for chrome. It is possible to get 200-250 votes per day using such simple methods.

Fourth advice

Fourth advice – to vote, you’ll need social media accounts or email addresses to confirm your votes. And somewhere need both of them. All of them are sold on the Internet. Look for the stores social networking accounts. The average price for 1 account is 20-50 cents. I think, it will not be difficult for you. Mailboxes can also be bought in such stores the price of mail is 5-10 cents. However, it often happens that a lot of accounts are blocked and the costs increase.

Fifth advice

Fifth advice – do not look for special programs for “how to cheat on online voting polls” to learn how to get votes. All such programs are written by hackers with one goal in mind – to steal important information from your computer, phone or to make bitcoin mining for them. None of these programs work, and your computer or laptop will slow down.

And you thought: – “How they steal Bank information and accounts of social networks?” Yes, there are some guys, who trade crime and steal other people’s information. It is nothing Holy in their life, it`s the lyrics of course. Morality we will not read. You understand it.

Watch the video on YouTube on this topic, there is very clearly shown how everything happens through free cheat programs. All these “free” programs will cost you a pretty penny and shake your nerves.

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