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ReCaptcha (I `am now a robot) votes

buy captcha votes for online contest

Re-Captcha votes – is a type of captcha. Here, the user is prompted to enter text, but the catch is that it offers not one set of characters, but two. One of them is known to the system and it is only slightly modified (the slope of the letters, their width and height). Second word is unknown to the system, and it offers the user to determine it.

Protect sites

Currently, Re-Captcha votes is not only a way to protect sites from the invasion of bots and other unwanted users. But also help in recognizing the scanned text. This system was introduced by one of the famous universities, and later bought by Google. Its main task for the company – is to recognize texts on images.

how add captcha to vote online


There are several types of captcha, and not all of them are text. The most complex are considered computational-in which you should solve an arithmetic problem, perform calculations on fractions or extract the root. But there are also simple forms to authenticate: for example, just put a tick next to the phrase “I’m not a robot”. Of course, this simplifies the process of voting on the website. However, for this type of identification is not suitable for programs to add votes, as their functionality does not allow such complex actions.

Services of “Captcha votes”

That is why we offer you our services of “Captcha votes” in voting on such sites. We provide you with real users who can go through all the steps of authentication. We are happy to help you get the right number of votes even with such a complex type of authorization on the site.

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Our experts are the real masters in adding votes in online polls. By contacting us, you can be sure of the quality and confidentiality of the work performed by us. Because we offer several packages to save your time and money. With all the list of services you can find on our website. If you do not find the service you need in our list – no problem: we are ready to offer you an individual solution depending on the content of the problem.

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little about Recaptcha voting


There are several types of Re-captcha. The first is to simply recognize the text. The second – just to put a tick in the “checkbox” before the sentence “I’m not a robot”. The third – to choose the pictures that meet the pre-agreed theme

Most difficult metod”

Because the last method is often the most difficult. Its essence is to identify a common feature in all images, that is, to find what unites them. For example, the task is offered to find all pictures on which traffic signs are represented. Or those on which only animals appear. There are more complex tasks when the user needs to apply their knowledge of physics, chemistry or geography. Often, such schemes are used on serious sites to filter out users when voting online. The number of votes, of course, is also reduced at times.

Verified users

Our experts know how to cope with any task of this plan. Our service works only with verified users. So you can be sure of the quality of added votes. Managers are ready to work long and hard. So that you get the desired result in adding votes in online voting..

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