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buy votes for online contest

You participate in online voting, but you don't know how to win, you came to the right address.
If you want to test our service, leave a request and get from 20-50 test votes
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About us

Why you should choose us for buy votes

We are specialists in promoting online voting. In the market of supply of votes we have over 8 years of experience. Our service works in all kinds of vote, working with the countries of the European Union, Asia, CIS countries, USA, Canada and many others. With us you will achieve the desired success in no time. If you buy contest votes, you only get the real votes and unique IP address. Hundreds, thousands of votes you will receive in a matter of days, hours for your poll or contest. Just choose our service!

Our goal is to make the process of adding votes fast and natural, without fraud and anonymizers. If you buy votes for a contest, and those who vote for you, become real people from all over the world.

We only work with "clean" cookies, and the adding of the votes comes from the pages of real people in social networks. Additionally, we find subscribers through the search engines, by just clicking on the link real people. The recruitment process of votes is similar to that obtained when opening links on a vote that you send to your friends.

If you want to buy votes for online contest or online poll then you came to the right place. We will do everything for you and save you time! All you need is to choose the right kind of vote, and to entrust this work to us.

Our experienced staff will select the most optimal way to add votes to your poll or contest and you'll get high-quality, real voting.

We offer

Our services:

We offer a choice of several types of vote buying for your contests and polls. Depending on the form of voting, timing and desired result, our specialists will select the most convenient and effective method. Your project requires promotion? Then we are ready to work for it!

How to work

How to buy votes in our service:

In order to get votes for your online voting you need to do just 4 simple steps

Fill out an order
You need to choose your voting type. Decide on the amount of votes. Fill in all the data in the order form.
 If you have any questions, write to us in ONLINE CHAT, it is located on the right.
Pay any convenient way: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, Money Gram, Bitcoin (crypto).
If you have problems with payment, write to us in ONLINE CHAT, it is located on the right.
Setup of the contest and the start
We customize your vote, it usually takes from 30 to 180 minutes, then start.
Sometimes it can take up to 12-24 hours.
All the time we control the voting process.
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We send a screenshot and information of the start.
If you have questions, write to us in ONLINE CHAT, it is located on the right.
Start and Finish
Your votes go up. You get the desired result. And if not, we will refund your money...
Always check your spam folder after ordering.
After the finish of the order, we will write to You by email and provide a report on the work.
If you have questions, write to us in ONLINE CHAT, it is located on the right.

News of our company

In this section, you will learn all about the types of voting. Where you can buy votes, how to add them yourself and a lot of useful information.