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We are specialists in the sale of votes online. In the market of supply of votes we have over 8 years of experience. Our service works in all kinds of vote, working with the countries of the European Union, Asia, CIS countries, USA, Canada and many others. With us you will achieve the desired success in no time. If you buy contest votes, you only get the real votes and unique IP address. Hundreds, thousands of votes you will receive in a matter of days, hours for your poll or contest. Just choose our service!

The shortest path to success

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Our goal is to make the process of adding votes quick and natural, without fraud and anonymizers. If you buy votes contest and your subscribers become real people from all over the world. We only work with "clean" cookies, and the wrapping of the votes comes from the pages of real people in social networks. Additionally, we find subscribers through the search engines, by just clicking on the link real people. The recruitment process of votes is similar to that obtained when opening links on a vote that you send to your friends. If you want to buy votes for online contest or online poll then you came to the right place. We will do everything for you and save you time! All you need is to choose the right kind of vote, and to entrust this work to us. Our experienced staff will select the most optimal way to add votes to your survey or contest and you'll get high-quality, real followers.

How to get online votes for the contest

Write to us

Email us at one of these convenient contacts, we will analyze the link and tell You the price and type of vote (write in Livechat or contact us)

Pay and conditions

You choose the form of voting, needed package of votes and fill in the order form. Pay any convenient way: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, Money Gram, Bitcoin.

Setup of the contest and the start

We customize your vote, it usually takes from 30 to 180 minutes, then start. All the time we control the voting process.

You get votes

Your votes go up. You get the desired result. And if not, we will refund your money...

What you need to get votes and how to win online contests

Get online votes and how to win online contests. It is impossible to list all the technical aspects for each vote as each competition is unique and should tailor its knowledge and technical capabilities. We will tell only about those, which are suitable for any vote. Following them, You can guarantee yourself a win by 75% even on those sites, where there are experienced specialists.


Personal computers, mobile devices and tablets are well tracked at the moment with traffic analyzers. The most common is Google Analytics. More than 3 repetitions of the same device lead to suspicion from IT specialists, the company that staged the vote. It is necessary to change these parameters with every entry.


Now every computer, tablet and mobile device has its own operating system. If it is a mobile or tablet device, the most common are Android and iOS, also have FireFox, WindowsPhone, BlackBerry and many others. The PC is dominated by Apple, Windows and Linux. And each of them has its own upgrade, modernization and version.


When you go to the page, where you want to vote, it is easy to track the place, where the person came to the site. That is, if it is a social network Facebook, the administrators will see a link Facebook.com. Thus, referral transitions are tracked, which are necessarily taken into account when summing up. Referrals, using the software code, obviously should be changed every time when entering the website.


You need to buy and use addresses from a given location. If the vote passes in the United States, use USA IP, Europe — European, etc., After selection, by means of programs, select the ones that are not specified in remote areas (States) and cities. Wouldn't it be weird if the Florida website had people voting with addresses from Nevada? It is worth noting that the addition of votes with the help of IP is necessary in almost every vote.


ЕIf on the platform can stand 1 operating system, the browsers can be as much as you want. It is important, that the browser version significantly affects the voting process, as the analysis of the final vote count will reveal all these factors. Some people like to sit in the Temple, others on Safari, others still use the Internet Explorer and Amigo. People are different and some download the update every time you exit, others sit on the version of the browser that was installed 5 years ago.


You need to have your own database of accounts, both mail and various social networks, which must be registered a few years before the voting, and not on the same day. Each account must have avatars, filled profile, posts on the wall, friends and some activity from them (likes, comments, shares). In another way, the site administration will immediately understand that you are winding bots.
Add the votes with social networking accounts are using most often.

Ways of adding votes independently

Many of these methods are easy to find on the web, and this means that the site administrators, where contests are held, are aware of them. Warning! When using these methods of adding votes, You put yourself at risk!


Using of exchanges, in which money is paid for the performance of certain actions. Buying votes there is very often ordered. You can set a task to add votes, set a price and wait for people, who will do this work. Depending on the complexity, the price is from 1 to 50 cents.
— Human factor. Many people create multiple accounts, perform the task once, and receive money several times.
— You can't adjust the speed of execution, since it depends on the willingness of the people themselves.
— All transitions on Your competition easily tracked by the administrator of the site, they will see that the transitions go from exchange tasks.


There are many resources that provide services of the surge of traffic, that is, the transitions of people with any advertising banners on sites that mislead users. Have you seen square banners with half-naked girls or promises of quick money? The person passes with one purpose, and gets to Your competition. Nevertheless, the cost of traffic for 1000 views is quite cheap, but the adding votes in the majority will not be of high quality.
— Transitions can be from all over the world, both from India and Asia
— The person, who moved to your contest, in 95% of cases, just close the tab without voting.
— Transitions are also tracked by administrators of competitions, they will see that people came from banners on unclear sites.


Many confident users, and even system administrators in companies, when setting the task to get votes, do not bother much about security. They use elementary clickers, which record the actions performed by the user, and repeat the desired number of times. In conjunction with TOR browser, which changes the IP address, it turns out a kind of program with which it`s really to get fast and a lot of votes. However, it will be the same computer from which the votes come, as well as the IP addresses of the TOR browser come from all over the world, which means the votes will be from Europe, America, China and others.
— IP addresses from all over the world, which will entail sanctions from the organizer of the competition.
— No variety of platforms (mobile, PC, tablet), everything comes from only one or several computers.
— The inability to change browser.
— All transitions to the contest site are from the same encrypted link (TOR browser encrypts any information).


At the beginning of the contest almost all participants are engaged in spam mailing to get votes. However, number of friends, which would not have blocked for this message, are ends. Participants start spamming on different pages, friends of friends and even unknown people, that of course leads to collapse. Getting votes through spammers even exist as a separate branch of income.
— Ban of social accounts on complaints from users of social networks.
— Complaints of administration of the site, on which there are contests, and the subsequent ban of vote participant.


Under this concept, we mean not only the expulsion of poor state employees in the computer class for manual overtaking of votes, the same way is used by business, and large families, as well as friendly neighbors. It's very simple, people manually go to different browsers and vote for the desired participant.
— Human factor. Slow speed, people get tired.
— Voting comes from the same addresses, computers, the Internet, which is quickly calculated by the administrator of the resource.
— Payment for the work of people regardless of the result.